Sunday, February 3, 2013

japan 4


I got to see my friend Megumi again after three years!! I met her at school when she came for exchange and it's so nice to know that even when you're separated from people by country that you can still maintain friendships and keep in contact. so happy to see her again!
she took me out for okonomiyaki in shibuya and a cafe as well (Comme Ca cafe , next to the loft, highly recommend because it is tasty)

And saw Briony as well!! She took me to the Lock Up in Shinjuku, a themed restaurant complete with sexy police (lol) and tacky creepy interiors! It's supposed to be a kind of jail house type theme, and half way through the meal people come out and scream at you and shoot at your booth and they play death metal music (lol)
The food is all themed as well, so the drinks are all served in beakers/measuring cylinders - the first one i had  was a fairy floss drink that you pour juice into, and it fizzles/crackles (a lot!!) and the other one was a fizzy apple juice with jelly eyeballs. the eyeballs don't taste like anything at all, but the drink is tasty

and the food is yummy too! it's kind of like fusionish/western-japanese food

and she also took me to GODZ bar, cozy and you can choose rock/metal music to listen to while you drink (and free wifi and friendly bar staff:') )

Shinjuku at night is beautiful, in that 100% neon light kind of way. 


  1. so much METAL! want to check out all these food/drink places whenever i get the chance to go back :'D

    1. haha serious, and there's more metals bars as well, hope you do - take photos!! :))

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    1. serious! japan is what dreams are made of ..(lol)

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    1. the purikura over there is mad advanced. like this myspace angling for long legs and ....the eye enlargement wowowww

  4. you guys went to the lock up!!!! that is so awesome i've heard all about that place.
    i love reading your japan posts! makes me miss it. can't wait for your next one :)

    1. haha next time you should go! it's worth it, for tasty food and a bit of a laugh